Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Butler University - German Language, Literature, and Culture: Getting Started

Over the weekend, while looking up a former colleague from my graduate student days at the University of Virginia, I stumbled upon this page of links (and even media), curated by subject librarian Franny Gaede. I found her collection to be such an excellent resource for students of German language, literature, and culture at all levels that I tweeted her out of the blue. Someone finally did all the hard work and collected (and organized) the best resources on the web. And today, I told my students about the site. Brava!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Mahlzeit! A German Brown Bag series - “Der Tatortreiniger” (Crime Scene Cleaner)

Please join Tech's German Club tomorrow for another installment of Mahlzeit! A German Brown Bag series. We’ll watch an episode of the very popular German comedy series “Der Tatortreiniger” (Crime Scene Cleaner)—see the flyer for more details. Some light snacks will be provided, and you are encouraged to bring your lunch to eat while you watch.

We hope to see you Tues, Oct 27, between 11:10 and 11:45am in OKLY 212. More installments of Mahlzeit! will take place throughout the semester (each featuring different TV shows), so if you can’t attend next week, you will have more opportunities in November and December. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Progress Report "Deutsch interaktiv - Einführung" iBook Part 1

It's been over two years now that "Deutsch interaktiv," the interactive textbook I planned, produced, and co-authored for the American market, has been available on iTunes. The "Deutsch interaktiv" iBook series was initially a side-project, a pedagogic experiment in a new medium--more a hobby than anything else. Back in 2011, I assumed that so many textbook publishers would be rushing to the new format, but, as things stand now in 2015, no major foreign language textbook publisher that I know of has made the leap. I assume it is because of Apple's price cap and an unwillingness to develop intellectual property for a medium that has no secondary market. (More on that gap in the market in Part 2 of this post.)

Anyway, part of my morning routine includes checking how many German language learners across the world have downloaded the iBook, and I am continually surprised and humbled to learn that at least a few people find the book each day.

You can find the free extended introduction to the "Deutsch interaktiv" series by following this link 
The daily download record of Deutsch interaktiv-Einführung (July '14-Oct '15)

I have noticed of late how more learners in Germany are downloading the iBook and its later chapters. Although I have no way of knowing, I hope that the iBooks are helping the many migrants who are undertaking the difficult journey from the Middle East to Germany. I've been talking with some publishers and other pedagogues about crafting a curriculum designed especially for migrant students. Some options already exist, and from what I have seen, they are effective enough, so I hope they support Germany's many new citizens.

Karoline von Günderrode's English #wiki WiG

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