Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why learn German?

John LeCarre explains what drew him to Germany and the German spirit.é_thinks_German

What made you want to learn German?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bloomin' Apps--Apps to Promote Higher Order Thinking Skills

Ever since I received an iPad through a TTU instructional technology grant, I have been searching for apps that I can use in the classroom. This past spring, my GERM 3020 students used my garageband app to record and produce radio Werbespots for major German cities. We listened to a variety of authentic Werbespots before we analyzed what they all believe an effective Werbespot required. I envisioned this project as a pure creation exercise to fulfill my presentational mode requirements, and garageband certainly helped us in that regard. Still, I wanted to discover apps that could help my students on all levels of thinking skills...and today I just found a great resource. I plan to download all of these apps for the upcoming semester. I only wish there were some sort of guide about best practices with these apps, but some of them seem clearly analogous to the taxonomy.

Which have you used? Which do you find the most helpful?